43rd Annual Steam                Show

See working steam engines in our front parking lot. Hose wagon rides, demos with hand & horse-drawn apparatus, antique models, kids' contests, Percheron draft horses, Dalmations & food vendors. Sponsored by the Citizens of Baltimore County

Science of Fire Safety

     (In-Person & Virtual)

This STEM program is all about the science of fire itself, different ways to put out a fire, and how to stop them from happening in the first place. Discover the scientific composition of a fire, why fireworks look so cool and why sometimes water is just more fuel for the fire.

Next Generation Science Standards Connection: 5-PS1-3, 5-PS1-4, MS-PS1-2, MS-PS1-5, MS-PS1-6

State Curriculum-Science Connections: 
Chemistry. Grade 5. D. Physical and Chemical Changes. 1;  Grade 7. A. 1; Grade 8. B. 1; Grade 8. D. 3.

Chemical Engine.gif