Scouting at the Museum

During these unprecedented times, the Museum is working hard to make sure your Scouts are as safe as they can be while visiting. The following changes are in place:

1. Masks MUST be worn at ALL times. (except while sleeping during an overnight program)


2. Scouts are STRONGLY encouraged to maintain social distancing. 


3. We are asking that all programs be booked outside our public hours of operation.    This will ensure that only your unit and our staff are in the building. 


4. The Museum has instituted new cleaning policies, and we are continuing to innovate and adapt. 


5. ALL units should be familiar with the Restart Scouting Checklist. This available from your council, the button below, and will be sent out with all tour confirmations. 

6. Only ONE program may be booked. (Multiple award/Merit Badge Programs will be allowed in the future depending on the changing nature of COVID).


7. Your unit MUST have permission from your Charter Organization as outlined in the Restart Scouting Checklist.