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Tours of the Fire Museum of Maryland are not just for children. We accommodate hundreds of seniors and adults on tours every year. Here are just of a few of their reactions:


"I pass the Fire Museum all the time. I'm glad I, at last, got a chance to see it. It is an interesting place and should be seen."

"This was an excellent event. We will recommend it to our friends."

"This is a wonderful treasure. Great information on historic fire engines and fascinating exhibits of early alarm system."

"A fascinating glimpse into early firefighting practices. I learned a lot."​

History of the American Fire Service
Life in an 1871 Fire House


The American Fire Service has come a long way in the last 200 years. The museum's collection reflects the various changes of the American Fire Service throughout this time. Join the museum as we tell the story of these changes by viewing important items throughout the museum's collection. 1-hour tour.

Explore the life of a 19th-century firefighter! The reconstructed cast iron facade of a Baltimore City's Engine 8 is a threshold through which we cross into the past. Visitors learn how the brave men of Baltimore's Fire Department lived, worked, and protected their city. Living with horses and steam engines, these men laid the foundation of a modern, urban fire department. 1-hour tour.

Now available virtually!
The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904
"Isn't that Lady Liberty?"

See how 17 fire departments from 25 cities fought the worst fire in Baltimore history and how citizens rebuilt the city in just 2 years. Tour the Fire Museum focusing on the Great Fire exhibit. Visitors examine primary sources including, two engines that fought the Fire, and original film footage by Thomas Edison. 1-hour tour.

The history of fire departments in American is filled with a rich tradition of decorating apparatus. Oil paintings, silverwork, gold leafing, and impressive sculptures all found their place onto functional vehicles. Explore this tradition with us, as we look at more than two hundred years of artistic expression in the fire service. 1-hour tour.

Now Available Virtually!
Fire Alarm Telegraph Office
To request a tour or Outreach Program, 
call 410-321-7500 x102, or email

See, hear, and interact with the technological changes in emergency communications from 1852 to present. Working alarm boxes, telegraph registers, period furniture, and lighting provide an immersive experience in this fascinating journey through time. 1-hour tour.


Outreach Programs: Let Us Come to You!

Although there is no substitute for visiting the Fire Museum and seeing our awesome collection in person, if you cannot come to us, we are happy to come to you! Here are the outreach programs currently offered by the Fire Museum:

  • The story of the Fire Service – as seen through the 40 pieces of firefighting apparatus, documents, images, and other collections of the Fire Museum of Maryland.

  • The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 & the People Who Remembered It - as seen through the eyes of the people who lived through it. Includes historical information from diaries, newspapers and other archival materials, photographs, paintings, and other artwork that was used to document this catastrophic event.


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