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Tiger Safe and Smart Adventure Award

Heads up, Scouts! It’s time to do your best to be safe and smart Tigers. This adventure will help Tigers know what to do in an emergency.  Tigers will learn the right way to call 911 in an emergency and they will also learn other important safety tips. Tigers can be an important helper to police and firefighters by knowing and practicing safety plans. Safe Tigers can help teach their families what to do in an emergency. Come earn your award at the Fire Museum of Maryland, and visit with a real Firefighter!

Tiger Scouts visit with firefighter.

Wolf: Council Fire Adventure

Council Fire (Duty to Country) is one of the Wolf required adventures. For this adventure, Wolves learn about being a member of a community. They also look for ways they can help in their area, and actively participate in making their community better.”

Bear:  Paws for Action Adventure

Through engaging with our nation’s flag and history, Bear Cub Scouts will develop a deep sense of patriotism and connection to their heritage. These activities are more than lessons; they’re pathways to understanding what binds us as a nation

Webelos: First Responder Adventure

The First Responder adventure is an essential component of the Cub Scout program, training scouts in basic first aid and emergency response skills. Through this adventure, scouts learn how to handle common injuries and emergencies, gaining knowledge about safety procedures, the importance of prompt action, and the role of professional first responders. Participants practice these skills through hands-on activities and scenarios, ensuring they are better prepared for real-life situations. The program aims to instill confidence, promote safety awareness, and empower scouts to act decisively in emergencies

Tiger Scouts have fun at the Fire Museum.
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