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Scouts BSA MB Programs

Starting in 2024, all scout programs must occur Monday - Thursday

Collections MB


"Collecting can be an educational and financially rewarding pastime: a collector must educate themselves about a specific subject, be able to tell which items are worth preserving, how to catalog and organize their collection, and how to evaluate the value of items."

Scouts can bring their collection to the museum for display to their fellow Scouts and the general public, as they learn about each others unique collections. Upon completion of the Scouts exhibition they will have a tour of the Fire Museums collection (including areas not normally accessible to the public),  and a discussion on the care and preservation of it. All the requirements for this program will be covered. 

Fire Safety MB

"The ability to use fire safely is essential to human survival. By earning this merit badge, Scouts will learn to uses fire safely and responsibly, how to prevent home fires, and how to handle fire safely, as well as burn prevention, and camping safety."

Scouts will tour the main hall of the museum, and learn

about the evolution of fire fighting apparatus in America. Fire Safety and Fire Science are taught through hands on activity stations, and a presentation. All the requirements for the merit badge will be covered. This program includes the Fire Safety activities.  

Safety MB

"Knowing about safety helps Scouts make the right choices and take the best actions to avoid accidents by making informed choices in their everyday activities and to respond appropriately during an emergency situations."

Scouts will tour the main hall of the museum, and learn about the different safety features and equipment that evolved in the fire service over the last 200 years. All the requirements for this merit badge will be covered. 

Art MB

"This merit badge concentrates on two-dimensional art, drawing and painting in various media, an introduction to design applications in the fields of graphic arts and industrial design, history and design principles, and how these fields relate to fine art."

Scouts will tour the main hall and Rare Prints Gallery learning about art through the museums collection. The fire department has a rich history of art in the decoration of their apparatus and other related items. Scouts will have the opportunity to have there art work on exhibit for the general public.  Art work with a fire theme could be selected to be displayed on loan for an extended period. All the requirements for this merit badge will be covered. 

Signs, Signals and Codes

"American Sign Language (ASL) is the third most used language in the United States. The Signs, Signals and Codes merit badge will cover Morse code, ASL, Braille, signaling, trail markings, and other non-verbal communications."

Scouts will tour the main hall and the Fire Alarm Office learning about the different communications technology used in the fire service over the last 200 years. Learn how the telegraph changed fire communications. Scouts will practice using Morse Code and other signaling techniques. This program includes an Electricity STEM activity. All the requirements for this merit badge will be covered. 

Traffic Safety

"Staying safe in traffic wherever you live is getting more difficult all the time, as more and more people take to the road. Earning the Traffic Safety merit badge will give Scouts some crucial tools to stay safer, when driving a car on a highway, riding a bike across town, or jogging across a busy street."

Scouts will tour the main hall and see how the fire service adapted to changing traffic concerns over the years, and learn what to do when emergency vehicles are on the road.  All the requirements for this merit badge will be covered. 

Troop 54 o York, PA

All MB programs are taught by our MB Councilor who is registered with the Baltimore Area Council.

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