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Vehicles and Apparatus

The museum is home to over 40 pieces of fire apparatus that help take you through the history of urban firefighting in America. From hand drawn to horse drawn, to gasoline driven. This collection represents the ingenuity, perseverance and technological breakthroughs of the fire service. Learn exactly what the difference is between a "Fire Engine" and a "Fire Truck." See the craftsmanship and artisanship that went into these early pieces. As part of our mission, we are able to keep most of this collection operational for shows and special events so that visitors can learn by the experience of seeing them operate first hand. Bellow are just some of the apparatus here in our collection. 

Maxim Pumper
1819 Jeffries and Nuttall
1920 Mack Tow Truck
Right side tight
E7 and T1 wider_edited
1878 Clapp & Jones Steamer
1885 Amoskeag Steamer
1917 Ford Model T
1905 Hale/ALF Water Tower
Hale Water Tower
LaFrance Steamer w/Christie Tractor

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You can also explore our collection online by clicking the button below. 

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