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The Jasper & Anna Peabody Marsh

Research Center


The Fire Museum's Library and Archives are available for research on fire-related subjects for students, scholars, or anyone interested in discovering more about our rich fire service heritage.


With over 6,000 documents and related material in our collection, we have the ability to provide information that is not readily available through other sources. Many of our documents are not digitized or otherwise available online at the present time, and in some cases, we have items that aren't available at the Library of Congress. Whether you are researching early fire hydrants, the construction of horse-drawn fire apparatus, steam-powered pumps, or wrench design, we have many primary documents to assist you.


Due to staff and space restraints, we generally do not allow the public direct access to our Archives. For most research requests, we are happy to find and retrieve the documents related to your research topic, for a reasonable fee. If you have a research topic in mind or are just interested in finding out more about our collections, please get in touch!

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