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Fire Museum Fundraising

As a small museum, we depend on individual donors and corporate sponsors for new projects and exhibits, as well as operational costs and other ongoing events. On our blog, you can read about the various objects, events, and purposes we are currently seeking funds for. We encourage you to give to a project you feel a connection to, and don't be shy to suggest to your friends and relatives that they do the same! If you are interested in donating but do not see something that catches your eye, please contact us and we will be happy to speak with you. As a reminder, the Fire Museum of Maryland is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and all donations to the Museum are tax-exempt to the extent allowed by law. 

Ways to Donate:

When donating, please include your information so we can properly thank you. If you would like your gift to be used for a specific project, consider supporting the restoration of our 1920 Seagrave. If you do not have a specific project in mind, your gift will be used where it is most needed. Below are the most common ways to give to the Fire Museum of Maryland:

Donate Now
via PayPal
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Give over the Phone

All major credit cards accepted.


A Donor-Advised Fund is an investment account with the purpose of supporting charitable organizations.

CTH Society.png
The Holloway Legacy Society

Help us plan for the future of the Fire Museum by leaving cash or property to the museum in your will.

Spark Your Imagination.jpg
Spark your Imagination!
Discovery Room Renovations

We are excited to announce that we are planning a series of renovations to our beloved

Discovery Room!​


Click on the image to the left to donate!

Restoring the Fireboat "Tommy"

The "Tommy" is here but we still need your help to make it into an exciting and informative exhbit space!

I can't help financially but I support your mission...

As a non-profit, we understand the need to spend money wisely. If you are not in a position to support us financially, would you consider sharing our story with your friends on social media?

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