Social Studies

Bucket Brigade 
Duration: 1 hour
Grades: Pre-K to 3rd
Cost: $7/student, $12/chaperone, Teachers Free
Now available virtually!

Ringing bells, passing buckets, yelling "Fire" and giggling are required. Surrounded by gleaming fire engines, students learn fire safety and how Baltimore grew to the 3rd largest U.S. city. Lots of hands-on activities.



State Curriculum- Social Studies Connections:

Pre-K-3, Political Science, A-1, B-2; History, A-2


Great Baltimore Fire
Duration: 1 hour
Grades: 3rd to 8th
Cost: $7/student, $12/chaperone, Teachers Free

This Program is guided through the Great Baltimore Fire and 1871 Fire House exhibits. Students examine primary documents, see two engines that fought the Great Fire, and view original footage by Thomas Edison to learn how 17 fire departments from 25 cities fought the third worst fire in American history.


State Curriculum- Social Studies Connections:

Geography. 3-8. D. 1; History. 4. A. 1; Skills and Processes 6-8. D. 1,  F. 1.


Chemistry Lab
Duration: 1 hour
Grades: 4th-8th
Cost: $7/student, $12/chaperone,
Teachers Free

Students are challenged to make their own fire extinguisher. Following the example of Baltimore firefighter and innovator Charles T. Holloway, children use a chemical reaction (baking soda and vinegar)  to spray water from a water bottle.

Next Generation Science Standards Connection: 5-PS1-3, 5-PS1-4, MS-PS1-2, MS-PS1-5, MS-PS1-6

State Curriculum-Science Connections: 
Chemistry. Grade 5. D. Physical and Chemical Changes. 1;  Grade 7. A. 1; Grade 8. B. 1; Grade 8. D. 3.

Electricity Lab
Duration: 1 hour
Grades: 2nd-8th
Cost: $7/student, $12/chaperone,
Teachers Free

Students will learn how electricity flows through a circuit before building their own working telegraph key. In this lab, children will understand how telegraphs were used to communicate in emergency situations and see the practical applications of that technology in the museum’s working Fire Alarm Office.


Next Generation Science Standards Connection:

3-PS2-3, 4-PS3-2, 4-PS3-4, 5-PS1-3, MS-PS2-3, MS-PS2-5

State Curriculum- Science Connections:

Grade 2. C. Electricity and Magnetism. 1; Grade 4. C. 2; Grade 6. C. 2.



Duration: 30 minutes

Grades: Pre-K to 3rd

Cost: $3/child; adults are free.

Children wear mock fire gear and simulated breathing apparatus to learn about fire safety and how to react in a fire by practicing firefighter rescue techniques. Staying low in a dimly lit room, they then “rescue” a teacher or chaperone from the “burning building.”



Grades:  Pre-K to 3rd

Cost: $3/child; adults are free.

Incorporated into the Bucket Brigade or Great Baltimore Fire programs, students look at the actions of firemen and citizens to define the character traits of good citizens.


State Curriculum– Social Studies Connections:

Pre-K-3. Political Science. A. 1-2, B. 1-2, C. 1


Cost: $30/Group.

In the Discovery Room (included in the BUCKET BRIGADE program), students explore and learn with their hands, try on kid-sized firefighter gear, and play on a real fire engine. For lunch, floor space for a picnic lunch or a limited number of tables and chairs are available.


Cost: $50/Group.

Based on availability, a firefighter or representative from UMD’s Department of Fire Protection Engineering will visit with your group to speak about related career or education pathways and do a demonstration.


To request a tour                  , 
call 410-321-7500 ex. 102, or email
Important Information
  • Minimum Numbers- School group programs and rates are based on groups of 10 or more students. Smaller groups can be accommodated but a minimum payment of $70/hour is necessary.

  • Reservations- are required and are available year-round. Please reserve online or call  410-­321-7500 x102.

  • Deposits- If your group not subsidized, a $70 deposit is due two weeks prior to your visit and contributes to the total. The final balance is due upon or shortly after your program. Payment may be made by mail (via check, cash, or purchase order) or by phone (via credit card).

  • Tardiness/Cancellation- If your group is running late please call 410-321-7500 x102 so arrangements can be made. Reservations are made for a specific date and time slot. Otherwise, groups more than 30 minutes delayed will be subject to cancellation and forfeiture of deposit. Programs canceled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled.

  • Accessibility and Parking- The Fire Museum is fully accessible for visitors with mobile disabilities. The museum has ample free parking and is easily accessible by bus.

  • Grant Funds- If your group benefits from subsidized programming through Fire Museum grants and does not show up, your school will no longer be eligible for any such benefits.

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