Chemistry Lab

On this page, you will find instructions and resources to conduct a STEM experiment. With the resources included below and a few things you probably have at home, you can try one of our fun and educational STEM programs from home! If you are interested in a virtual outreach program, please email

Soda & Acid Extinguisher Diagram
Holloway Extinguisher.JPG
Holloway Extinguisher
Chemical Engine.gif
Chemical Engine
Holloway Close Up.jpg
Charles T. Holloway
Holloway Patent Drawing.jpg
Holloway Patent Drawing
Chemical Tank

During your experiment, be sure to tag the Fire Museum in your pictures and video on social media. Afterward, send news of your accomplishment to to get your very own certified chemist certificate!

Did you have so much fun you cannot believe it was educational?

See where this program connects to the Next Generation Science Standards here.