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New Assistant Curator

The Fire Museum of Maryland would like to announce our new Assistant Curator; Eric M. Kelso has joined the staff. Kelso arrived on March 6th in time for the arrival of the new boiler for our 1899 American Fire Engine Co., Steam Fire Engine. As Assistant Curator, Kelso will be working closely with Steven Heaver Director and Curator of the Museum.

“I look forward to working with Eric, as we continue to improve our collection, and the way we interpret the fabulous assortment of fire engines for the public. He brings a wide assortment of experience to the team.” –Steven Heaver, Museum Director and Curator

Currently, the museum is continuing work on the 1899 Steam Engine to have it ready for operation in the museum's 40th Annual Steam Show, May 6th. Kelso has been assisting with the restoration as well as learning about the extensive collection telling the story of 200+ years of firefighting in America. The museum’s collection includes a diverse assemblage of vehicles and apparatus ranging from early hand drawn, horse drawn, too motorized. As Assistant Curator he will be tasked with caring for these items and others in the collection.

Kelso is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University’s Master of Arts in Public History Program. As part of that program, he had internships at Heritage Village Museum in Sharonville, OH and The Sons of the American Revolution archive in Louisville, KY. Kelso also assisted in the creation of an award winning exhibit at the Berhinger-Crawford Museum in Covington, KY for the city’s bicentennial. In addition to his education and experience Kelso brings years of volunteer involvement as a leader in the Boy Scouts of America.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to be part of such an amazing museum telling the story of firefighting in America through the tools of the trade our heroes use every day. Working with this wonderful collection will be an incredible insight into a rich history of not just firefighting, but also the people, events, art, and technology that shaped the various pieces that make up so many invaluable stories here at the Fire Museum of Maryland.” -Eric M. Kelso, Assistant Curator for the Museum

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