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Volunteers, Assemble!

One of the most remarkable things about the Fire Museum of Maryland is that many pieces of the wheeled collection can actually be operated. They can be called upon to drive, pump water, and give rides. And I will readily admit that the idea of driving a 97 year old fire truck appeals to my inner child!

This video shows the museum’s Truck One being exercised this September. Truck One is a 1908, 85 foot, Hayes aerial ladder pulled by 1918 Mack tractor. This is a notable occurrence since this truck had not left the museum in a decade or more. The hours of preparation and maintenance that were necessary before this cannot be understated.

Like many museums, the Fire Museum’s small staff could not possibly do everything necessary to operate the museum, prepare for special events, maintain the collections, provide education programs, and exercise the vehicles. For help with all these things and many more we depend on our volunteers. Cleaning vehicles and collections, preparing for and staffing special events, staffing parade appearances, and organizing our archives are all things volunteers help museum staff with.

Staff and volunteers often work side by side to get the museum’s collections ready for public appearances. The museum takes great pride in the cleanliness and functionality of its pieces. The phrase “it takes a village” could be the mantra of the Fire Museum of Maryland. The benefits of volunteering include connecing with history, seeing the museum "behind the ropes," and becoming friends with others who are passionate about history and the fire service.

Several volunteers come in on a regular weekly schedule, while others stop by when they can. Many Tuesday nights volunteers gather at the museum to socialize and work on some of the collections. This holiday season, consider giving the gift of your time and talent. If you are interested in joining us, please give us a call at 410-321-7500.

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